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Greenwich Village, Nyc


where do we find happiness?

we search for it

we pursue it 

trying to find it

when it is just there

it comes when you stop expecting it

stopped hoping

not afraid

Ella Richards


Ella is a working artist from Greenwich Village, NYC. Ella was trained as a watercolor artist, but her interest in minimalism and simplicity led her to create her own art form which she calls Scissor Drawings. Ella believes in minimalism both of color,  black and white, but also in line and subject. Her tools are uncomplicated, scissors, paper, and glue. Her process? Ella finds the cutting meditative.


This simplicity allows her art to focus on what is truly important in our lives and  the reason is simple, happiness.  Although happiness means something different to everyone, it is what we all pursue. The art you choose for your environment should enhance it with warmth and joy. I want my art to make you smile, to remind you of a hidden memory, or something that makes you feel beautiful when you look at it.  I choose simple minimalist lines to create straightforward emotions. I hope to take something familiar and have you look at it in a new way. Each Scissors Drawing has its own story, Ella hopes they will also speak to you and lead you to your own interpretation.

Ella Richards
member Guild of American Papercutters
​Awards & Honors
2018 Lakefront Art Festival, Award
2018 Art in the High Desert, Bend OR Founders 
2016 Best in Show, Des Moines, Iowa
2016, Facebook HQ 6'x16' mural (above)
2015 Armonk Award, Armonk NY
2015 Kimball Art, Park City, UT
2015 Belleville Art Show, Belleville, Il
2014 Featured Artist, Houston
2014 Kimball Art, Park City, UT
2014 Belleville Art Show, Belleville, IL
2013 Bayou City Art Festival , Houston, TX
2013 Belleville, Illinois
2012 Des Moines Art Fair
2012 Columbus Art Fair
2012 St Louis Art Fair, Volunteer T-Shirt Artist
2012 Armonk Outdoor Art Fair
2011 4 Bridges Art Fair, Chattanooga, TN
2009 Washington Square Outdoor Art Exhibit

In the fall of 2016, Ella was comissioned to create a 16 foot mural for Facebook's headquarters in Silicon Valley. Here is a little video of our adventure.


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