Every day Since mid March at exactly 7 PM we open our apartment window and bang on pans and shout. It is a daily ritual to show our support of those fighting on the front line. Our noise becomes mixed with our neighbors, those walking outside, and the honking of cars passing by. Living in the middle of the worst of the Pandemic, I wanted to do something for the front line workers here in NYC. I wanted to make charitable contributions to a non profit that distributes 100% of donations to those in NYC directly impacted by the Pandemic. I chose the Robin Hood Foundation.  

I am also missing all of my friends across the country who I probably wont see this year. Here are some things I have planned....

  • I am making a donation from each sale to The Robin Hood Foundation

  • I am offering $5.95 flat rate shipping on items ordered through this web site.

  • I am hand screening my art on a tee shirt

  • I have created a set of original Scissors Drawings as 50 under $50


These will be available when the Pandemic is over.

  • I have been doing a daily journal which I have been posting on my  Instagram account. It is my art and poems.

  • I will be recreating some pages from my journal as wall art

  • I will be self publishing my Pandemic journal as a signed limited edition of 50