Prints from my Quarantine Journal

 Living my Life Inside Out

March 2020, I found myself quarantined and observing the world from my window. I had no reference what to do in isolation. No more daily walks. I take a lot of inspiration from Greenwich Village.  I think it's one of the most vibrant neighborhoods anywhere. Suddenly, I couldn't go out. My solution was to start a journal. I took pictures out my window and added scissors drawings.  I wanted to share them so I posted the pages on Instagram. This helped my to navigate the scary situation I was suddenly in. 

I have been asked if I would sell my journal or even pages from it. My journal is special to me. I thought that a  solution is to sell prints of the journal pages. Here they are, these are prints of my journal pages. They are photographs and do not have the scissors drawing on the top. This is my 1st time selling prints. They are printed on the highest quality paper and inks.  I hope they will speak to you too.

I am enjoying exploring Mixed Media. If you are interested in my mixed media for your walls, I am planning on selling them as 30 inch prints of my street photographs mounted on wood with my original scissors drawing glued to the top.