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Ella at the Facebook mural,

Silicon Valley, Fall 2016

Corporate Art

I enjoy the possibilities of creating art for corporate environments. After all it is a place we spend significant time. I believe that art should touch the soul, give you a smile, something to consider, or rekindle a memory. This is especially true at 

Facebook Project, a case study in possibilities

I have been very fortunate to have been chosen to do a 6' by 16' Scissors Drawings mural at the Facebook Headquarters in Silicon Valley. It was a exciting opportunity.  I wanted it to be hand cut paper from a single sheet like my other pieces, but I have never done anything on this scale before. 


I chose a poem I wrote entitled, Where do We Find Happiness?  I designed the image with an abstract font without spaces between words or punctuation.  I wanted the 1st thing you noticed was the black and white visual texture. Then you noticed letters and finally you could see words. I felt it had a feeling of computer code which was perfect for Facebook.


The design intent was simple, the opposite of a billboard or ad on social media. Where an ad takes from you by encouraging you to do what it seeks, the piece gives to the spectator the emotion of the poem. An ad is obvious flashing look at me, but my piece is created in an abstract design so it requires contemplation to figure out the message. I also wanted to share the words of the poem, Where do we find happiness?, I feel like it is simply there all around you in your friends and family.

A word on commissions

One question I am asked most frequently is do I do commissions. By commissions most people are thinking of a portrait of a family member, pet, or some special image. I like to use my craft to express my artistic vision.  I also want to keep my art reasonable and don't want to charge what would be necessary to stop my current artistic endeavors to create a portrait. 


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